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My work is hand-hammered and forged one piece at a time. You can view my work by clicking on one of the categories below.

I have always been attracted to the properties of metal. I enjoy sculpting ridged geometric sheets into sensuous fluid forms. I shape the piece taking all views into account. If it is a necklace or bracelet, I make the clasp as beautiful as the front. If it is a piece of flatware, I consider how it feels in the hand finish the underside as lovely as the top. I determine the purpose the creation is to serve. It needs to be comfortable if it is going to be worn or held and light enough to wear or hefty enough to scoop and serve.

I ponder the designs and the finishes of each piece. It is in the details after all. When I create something that floats and moves fluidly on the body, I polish the piece to catch the light as it moves. If it is a rustic or organic design, I antique the surface and burnish the edges. I sometimes apply heat and food patinas to color the metals. This process helps bring out the organic quality in the form. Rich colors and deep hues are the end result.
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